At Honeybee Donuts we want to give our customers a break from their daily hustle and bustle, for s sweet moment at least.

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About Us

In 2017, Giovanni Garcia had a great idea! After his initial goal of creating his delicious donuts including his unique idea of allowing you to created your own individual donut, he thought about the combination of perfectly blended coffee to go with them. He decided that it was his mission to bring you best coffee alongside the best donuts.

His commitment to serving the finest coffee is strong and at HoneybeeDonuts we have achieved it. Each blend of Honeybee Donut’s coffee is carefully selected to ensure the richest, smoothest flavour possible. whether you are after a robust espresso, a rich foamy cappuccino or indulgent latte. Honeybee Donuts are dedicated to serving high quality coffee packed with flavour for you to enjoy and to make your day sweet.


Design Your Own Donuts

Come and try our fresh donuts, made daily or try your hand at designing your own. We serve all day breakfast, freshly made cakes, sandwiches, pastries, ice cream and shakes for a little indulgence, as well as fresh fruit smoothies for me health conscious. There’s something for everyone Book for an afternoon tea with your bestie to catch up over delicious party food and pot of tea while your little ones play in the soft play area. You can book for create your own donut birthday parties too!

We are very proud to offer you our coffee which is the best artisan coffee in Sussex.
We cannot wait to meet you!

The Art Of Great Coffee

Welcome to our coffee world! Here, our aim is simple we just want to bring the best coffee to you in your local coffee shop.

We know that finding the right coffee for your taste is not an easy job, especially if you are passionate about coffee like us. But luckily there is no need for hunting anymore.  We left no stone unturned, finally we are glad to say that we found the one! We brought it to you, right here, to serve you the best coffee and fulfill your wildest coffee dreams.

Today, we are proud to serve our ethically sourced single-origin 100% arabica coffee. Our one and only arabica coffee comes quite a long way from selected farms in South America at its most authentic self. We are sure that it is the perfect taste for your palate with its heavenly aroma and pleasant scent. Come and enjoy this great-tasting gourmet coffee! Come and join us, this coffee is too good not to share.


Afternoon Tea at Honeybee Donuts

We are very proud of our tea collection. We serve our teas in a lovely glass tea pot brewed perfectly to your liking. Now, you can book for your afternoon tea at your nearest branch. Our afternoon tea for two package has two of your choice of donuts, a generous variety of sweet and savoury nibbles, petit fours, fresh berries and cheese selection.

All Day Breakfast

Our breakfast / lunch menu is available to our customers all day long. Complete with even baked, healthy and substantial dishes. We use locally sourced best quality ingredients and we offer plenty of choices for our vegetarian friends. We will regularly update our breakfast menu with seasonal changes but fear not, our classic full english breakfast, traditional or vegetarian will always be there to claim your cravings.